Survival Meal 4 Ingredient Hash Brown Ham Casserole 35 Minute Cook Time

Hi everybody, everybody I'm back. Everybody, Jeannie young is back, and I'm back with you. Today.

There amazing recipe. I am so excited yet another day because today, at the young's house, Gina young is going to share with you all how easy it is to make a really easy. Hash brown casserole. This casserole, right here is a piece of cake so easy to make doesn't require a lot of ingredients. And you know, you make a genie young style, it's going to be so tasty, you all never had my hash brown casserole before that'll. Make you some here are they here are the lovely ingredients you will need first thing that you will need is something fascinating you're, going to need some of these hash browns here they come in a box, and they are let me look at them really quickly, they're Julianne, and they're hash friends. They are really delicious, so we're going to be using two boxes of them you're going to need some ham.

So right here, you can see that I have some chopped up ham. And if you want to you can go to your. Local deli get you some thick, cut ham and chop it down. This is already chopped. You will need some veggies. So it can make this thing, taste good.

So right here, I have some frozen peas and some frozen corn feel free to go out and grab a bag of frozen vegetables that has peas carrots, corns and green beans in it that would be delicious as well. Now for our hash browns we're going to need some butter. So I have some smart balanced butter, and you're going to need some milk and some water.

So we have that. And a couple of spices, so only spices that we're going to need today is going to be salt and pepper make sure your hands are impeccably. Clean let's, get started with this really quick and simple yet so, tasty recipe. Now what I wanted to share with you, I'm excited first to share with you all how easy this recipe and it's so delicious. But most of all this dish is it doesn't cost hardly anything to make, you know, like this box here probably cost me at the most 1.75, and we're using two boxes if.

You have a small family, then you're going to use one box. Okay? And then, of course, you have the milk and the butter, and you have the water at your home already. And then all you require is some frozen veggies and some lunch meat, or you know, some chopped up ham so easy to make for everybody and everybody's going to be able to get a nice full stomach and everybody's going to be satisfied because this here, it's delicious. Now, those of you that say, oh Gina, I wish you would have made that homemade here's. What I am going to do because I know you're out there, and I know there's.

So many people that's going to say why don't you make a homemade hash brown casserole. What I'm going to do is I'm going to attach my video for homemade hash brown casserole to the end of this video. So if you wanted to make that you can check that video out after watching this video, but both recipes amazing so simple and easy to make. So the first thing that I want to do is I need to get started with my water. We're going to put four. Cups of water into our pan, just like, so it's, um for the box. They ask you for, um, two cups of water.

And they ask you for butter, and they also ask for a half a cup of milk. But since we're, using two boxes, we need to get one cup of milk here. So let's, go ahead and add this in just like so, and then we'll put in some milk.

When I put I'm sorry, and then we'll put in our butter when I put my butter in I'm, going to be honest with you, I'm, not going to measure. I love some butter and especially the smart balance. It. Kind of makes you feel like you can put a little more butter in okay. So we're going to put some in just like so in this manner, and we want for our water, our milk and our butter to come up to a slight boil once that happens, we're going to open the box and empty the contents of the box into the milk, the butter and the water.

Okay. So now that we have our water, our milk and our butter, nice and hot and melty. Next thing that we're going to do like, I said, let's, go ahead. Look at this little, tiny package. Of your shredded hash browns and they're dehydrated. So you know, it's not baked potatoes.

It is real potatoes, and they're gonna rehydrate into the liquid that we have here and do like. I did put a little extra butter in there. Okay.

So we're going to give it a pleasant stir around just like so in this manner. And in this con this packet here is some great flavor, it's like a cheesy goodness in there. Okay.

So we're going to put both packets in just like so in this manner, and we're going to cook this for just about. Literally let's just say, five minutes. Okay. Now if you were just let's talk about something really quickly, um, if you wanted to make these hash browns and not throw them in the oven, of course, you would cook them longer until they got pleasant and thick, but since we're, putting them in the oven, let's only cook them on top of the stove for just a good five minutes. Okay. So now let's, go ahead and add in your chopped meat.

You may want to put some chopped turkey in there. Absolutely you could put. Like, um shredded rotisserie chicken. What I'm trying to do with this video in the video that I did yesterday, I'm getting so many people asking for videos that doesn't cost a lot that tastes good, you know, something that's easy to make, you know, you can make it within 40 minutes or less. And this right here is one of those recipes, and yesterday I did a recipe like that as well. And everybody loved the video, so I'm going to try to incorporate more of these videos, because you know, food prices is going.

Up and everybody's looking for a great recipe. This is one. So now we're going to cook this for five minutes when I come back I'll, show you what we'll do next. It gets interesting. So now it's been about five to seven minutes. Take a look at our mixture, it's thick, already and guess what that sauce right there? It is so delicious.

Okay. So now, and I can't resist tasting it every time I make it. I have to taste the sauce, a couple of times we're going to go ahead and add some peas all right. And this is a.10 ounce we're going to go ahead and add some corn, if you wanted to add like, I said, earlier, peas, carrots, corn, green, beans, whatever you want to add go ahead and add but here's. What I do suggest don't use the can vegetables tend to be a little mushy, especially if you were to try to use peas using them, frozen doesn't cost a lot either, but they also taste a little better when you make them, they taste a lot better when you're using frozen. So take a look at our mixture here, it's nice and.

Thick it's gorgeous, it smells good. And all I want to do right now is I'm going to season it a little we're going to put some parsley just to make it pleasant and beautiful, right? Dried parsley, and then we're going to go in with a little tiny bit of salt, not too much, because your cheese sauce has salt in it. You need that black pepper if you wanted to make some biscuits on the side, you bet you could all right. Look at this let's, go ahead and take this time, pour it right into a 9 by 12 baking dish in.

The oven we go 350 degrees until this is golden brown delicious, and I'm going to let you all know exactly how long it took for everything to get pleasant hot and bubbly and golden brown on the top. And guess what this mill is done. Take a look at it. Everybody Gina young style. Hash brown casserole, make you so listen here, everybody, if you all enjoy this hair video, give me a thumbs up. If you haven't subscribed, make sure you subscribe tell your family and friends and everyone, you know to the whole world.

About china young what I'm doing in this kitchen on a daily basis, let's go ahead and say, a prayer. Now, because after the prayer you get to take a bite heavenly, father, lord Jesus. We want to thank you once again for a beautiful day. Lord, we. Thank you for your love time, your mercy and your understanding please forgive us for our sins. Come into our hearts. We make you our lord and savior send your angels down to surround us day and night.

Your Holy Spirit to help us make good decisions. Give us. Peace of. Our minds in the name of Jesus, we pray that no weapons formed against us shall prosper. And we blind the devil away from us in Jesus name. Devil you have no authority over this household.

Heavenly father. We. Thank you for the rope over our head, the food, the love the peace and the joy. You bring us every day, amen once again, to my beautiful prayer I'm going right in, oh, my goodness I'm, going right in its crispy at the top, and you can see just how creamy and delicious. It is on the inside. Oh, my.

Goodness makes sure you do like I did make two boxes because your loved ones are going to come back for seconds. I know, it's a quick and simple meal, but it's, delicious all right, let's, taste it. I can't, wait any longer it's hot. It sure is it's really hot.

So I have to kind of be careful, you know, sometimes I'll be burning the daylights out of my mouth, trying this for you guys all right here. We go here. We go. Come on. Come on. Look at that.

Take a bite. Let me know what you all think after making this. Recipe I'm going in it's, too hot, it's, hot. Bye. Good night.

Dated : 18-Apr-2022

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