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Hey, everyone It's took crazy Katie nice to talk to you guys today. So as today's video is going to be an update on where I am in my July TV, our reading goals and also a review of the book played by Ellen Hopkins. So, so far in this month, I have read about 16 chapters of Sense and Sensibility I have finished reading crank, and I am about halfway through Loan. Lian more Moriarty's, Moriarty's, I, am halfway through we and Moriarty's, the husband secret I will hold what I have to say about this book until I do my review and so far I'm, enjoying some sensibility and I have found it to be relatively easy to read classic so far and probably could have finished it. If that was the only book I was reading correct by now, however, I'm trying to pace myself along the whole month with that with the husband's secret I have been enjoying it, and I've been enjoying.

It more than the little lies so far, but not quite as much as what Alex forgot. And one thing I have to say about more variety, Mariah Tori's work is I feel that she always seems to write use like a similar formula when she writes and a lot of times hurts. Her books will tell the stories of three different or have the viewpoints with three different women in it. And a lot of times there will be at least one of the women is going to be in their 40s and that there's going to be stuff dealing with. School and it's always going to be a mother with children.

And there always seems to be one character that has three children. One other thing I've always been instance, there always seems to be some kind of big event that happens towards the end of the book where something crucial happens. And what Alex forget it's a pi day that I think it's a Perry night kind of thing in big little lies, if I remember correctly, and I can't, remember exactly what the oh it's, a pirate party for her youngest. Daughter's birthday and all right for Cecilia's daughter. And my husband's, secret I would like to see her change some stuff up, maybe write a novel. But from a male's perspective or younger characters' perspective, or someone with four people without children, possibly habit, so it's, not about family like rude and nice to see some variety in the writing, but otherwise I do enjoy the novel, but she puts up that's where I am in my reading right now, and so I'm going to move on with the review section of this.

Like I said, I, read cranky, and I really enjoyed. It I gave it a 4 out of 5 stars and I. It was a difficult read in content since you're dealing with meth addict addiction and being somebody that had life like their whole life ahead of them, destroying my life and making poor decisions that are going to impact her for the rest of her life. This book takes place with Christina, the main characters going to visit her father who she hadn't seen since some time when she was little because he's, not really in. The picture and her fatherhave addicted to drugs she's like at first very Cols ton disappointed and what she's worth the attention that she was not receiving while she's a, and she ends up being bored, and she goes outside. And while she's outside see this guy in this girl talking, and she happens to be found this guy to be attractive.

So once the girl goes inside or does whatever is she went to go do Cristina starts talking to him, except for whatever reason she tells him not her name's Free. And she is kind. Of said, she knows she's like different from him. She kind of like Poisson there's like for some because she wants to be seen as being cooler than she is. She tells him that she's rude kind of like changes that's about herself.

And they seem more appealing to him. And while she's hanging out with him, she gets introduced to some new things, and she knows that he's done that. And she talks to him about wanting to try it while at the bowling alley where her father works, one night, her dad, this boy and her. There might have been one or two other people in it and of try doing cranks together. She spends that portion of her summer break while she's out her dad doing cranky. She goes home, and she tries to be her normal self, and she ends up in situations where she meets some new people and just happens. So like Without, Really Trying, be trying that hard being able to find other people that can get her.

Some Bassett continues to make poor decisions and keep on using method beings kind of tumble out of. Control for her, and she ends up in situations aren't, very good ends up being a very heartbreaking book. The novel is up based on Ellen Hopkins own experience with her daughter, and it's, pretty heartbreaking and I thought I was going to be solving it and I actually didn't end up solving, but I thought for sure like I read the author's note on the first page and thought I was going to be solving which I'm going to tell you that you probably don't want to read the author's note.

If you don't like. Spoilers at all I'm, usually kind of okay with slowly and I used to spoil books, awful for myself by peeking at the end of the book and trying to figure out what happened to see if I was right with my guesses because I was too impatient, though waiting fella got to the end of the book I don't do that too much anymore, but that's what I used to do what I was younger. But if you don't want to be spoiled don't, read authors note until after you read the book because it's going to give away the. Ending I do have to say that this book and the rest of the series is probably going to show a multi-generational look at how addiction runs and families and how these bad choices, but stem from the addiction are going to impact the characters' life, and that of her family and looking forward to reading glass and fall out because I really want to see how the story unfolds, even though it's, pretty sad one and pretty personal it's. One other thing I want to talk about with this book is as much as I.

Enjoyed it and I do like I do appreciate like the creativeness that came with formatting. These clips the verse in a way that it makes it a little more fun to read. But at the same time, it kind of made it a little more frustrating for me to read, because they were certain pages, where I wasn't sure how I was supposed to read the text on the page, because sometimes it would form like exes or V's or words would be staggered all across the page and I couldn't.

It took me a while to figure out like. What's the proper way to read the words on the page for, but at the same time, this creative format helped with being able to put different meanings, or to have words that emphasize, similar things stand out warm or contrasting things to stand out more than if it had just been written right next to each other than sex and just in straight lines. So I really do recommend reading crank, I know, some people would probably wonder about whether this is suitable for a teenager to read, but I, personally. Don't believe that much in suffering too much of like children in teenagers read I raised what I wanted to when I was younger, and I was capable of handling this stuff, um teenagers and children are both stronger than adults like to give them credit for most of the time and I can understand as a parent, why you might want to shelter your kids and stuff, but I believe that it's important to let them read this and to be there to answer questions for them if they have it. So if you like this video. Please thumb up it and like comment, subscribe thumbs up it that would be liking it. Yes.

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Dated : 21-Mar-2022

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