Présentation Du Meilleur Serveur Pvp/Faction Crack 2022 ! Prlserv

West the dresses, well, quiet corner and I hope you're in great shape. In any case me it's, fine nickel. Abdullah is good in real it's been a long time. I haven't made a video I'm going to resume. This moment regularly I'm hot potato to resume the videos old-fashioned with small montages all that, except that this time it's on Minecraft.

So here I am going to make videos on Minecraft. It may not please everyone what I can understand, but frankly, I guarantee you one thing is that the edits are. Going to be excellent I'm going to work well on video and do at least one or two a week. So here's already one a week minimum because I'm very busy the week, I work and that's.

So here we are going to stop the blabbering. We are going to move on to the presentation of the server let's go to start. You will spawn here. TAC.

Then in front of you, you will have small commands that can help you to start on the see dream. So slash menu there you go to open the cir, the commands of the server thing. Then you have. To slash another to start the adventure to see the events, you have the slash haven to not see the new benefits. You can do the slash shop then to the discord site to vote here, that's.

If I vote disk in discord and for the bass site and slash site simply then as you can see all around the spawn, you have different PJ's here. We can call it PJ's skins, like you want I will review his de facto life because free one has already made a video on his YouTube channel that I will put in description. You can. Go see it?

He explained in detail each character, what is inside, so I think what they have played factions before already know, for example, here is HDV. We know that it is the town hall where you can buy and sell items simply, for example, I said, nonsense the web. So here you have warp crate world, 2nd, enchantment, tutorial, etc. Here, you have the ranking placement of the players of the factions, and it's there. Then in presentation, it's, a work where you have quite simply some that a tutorial here for. Beginners those who start in the action egg, then you have YouTube.

So you have seen it in the cube inside you simply have the conditions to have the YouTuber rank to have the rank YouTuber. Quite simply you need at least 250 subscribers to have the YouTuber grade, plus it's, a minimum of 500 subscribers. And to have the partner grade it's, a minimum of 5000 subscribers. Then you have the shop to throw them away.

The kids all that you have the warp like we saw earlier with the different worlds. Then in. The trades you have the farmer hunters everything they find like that here, I am, I'm. Just here to take a little tour on the server is presented to my small community, the different, the main lines of this server of the group, then you have the quests.

So here it is, for example, you go mines and 30000 blocks of shrink Jane let's admit, you have an example you can with its 30000 blog, you can sell them, and you can make money to buy spawners for your faction. Simply then the age of the v we saw earlier. Years are made to buy and sell items with other players. Just behind. You have the shop that allows you to simply buy blogs food, everything, worse, knees, tread stone, etc.

All the items all the different Minecraft items, let's say. So here you go then you're going to take the thruster up, which will take you to the middle. So there we arrive at the middle. And as you can see in the middle, you have a voting fund. So here you are doing this I vote to vote for the server.

And then you will receive Dan. S, your. Inventory a small key that will see that will, of course, allow you to open the crate that is in the center as you can see, you have up four skins, 20.4, PNG, sorry, 4 PJ. Sorry, I will get there on each corner of the spawn that you simply point out the direction in which to go, for example, famine Faye who she is over there.

Then you have the cash registers. She is all over here in the corner of yield voice. He announced it not here. If it's over there, sorry is believed me. So here are the crates it's over. There the mine old magpies, you have it here then laminate, BA, normal, you have it here and then everything that enchants men it's towards the ban d'role mans.

If I'm not mistaken sorry, there is a little of roll back see the enchantment area. So here you can enchant yourself without it lying. And then here is an excellent thing also that they added on the server that's all simply the zone. Invest I beat I will show you that void there.

You are here hop you do slash invest normally, that's, ok. Perfect so do slash invest you go. It will open this menu there if you are going to stay only arrives at one hour, and you invest 25 to your reward at the end of them, it will be 150k. And so on, for example, I say, anything you are in class. You turn on your computer all day for nine hours while you are in class, you have 6 and 250000, and your reward will be 1, 3 million. So personally, I find it fascinating that we can do that on the server because there are many among us who are still going.

Through the low blow while here as I told you earlier during that you are in class, you stay in the high k zone for nine hours about a room. The classes say it's him between 8 and 9 you invest 250,000. And you can make yourself just 1.3 million low just by leaving your pc or very. Ts, so here it is super, super advantageous. Then we saw the area a jacket. Now, if you take the puddles of pressure, the thrusters, you can get here. So in front of this magnificent panels, which was made by free one, the founder of.

The server in real me, I like passive vouchers, or the coffee of phew, in any case, I like them. So I'll quickly explain to you for the factions, which have minimum will see a starter pack in fact. So you will have an exploration kit, 64 of obsidian to start your base, a stoner, a zombie. So here it is, frankly, it's. The seer Buena a log key would go as well as three pickaxes and wires, yen 6.5 a breaking 5.

So really, if you are 5 to play on the server, finally started playing on the server. You can have the. Starter pack here you are, you just have to show up on quill an's speech description with your five members, and we'll, send you the starter pack as soon as you enter the server. So here you go to the right of the starter pack normally you still have a panel. So here it is a vampire regeneration 2 swords, which will perhaps be a prize among the small contests. What to do on the server because we are going to make small games, small contests, here's to win small prizes like that small prizes at stake. So.

The ENT I, don't know if we're going to put that in place, maybe yes, maybe no I, don't know, but in any case, the prizes in game like that with big thick, well chit will be. It will be current French news. So here you go, then you will arrive in front of this magnificent country. So here we go up the steps one here. We arrive in front of the p, besides it is super well done so to start your adventure hop I, right, click. And you simply have different exits.

So you have the RTP so the random. DP, then you have. The north exit the center and the south on the right for PVP, you simply have a small shop q, UI allows you to buy potions the speed splash, regeneration all that to be able to lose PVP in the Loire zone, which is just drinking it by the way the war zone has the magnificent ones here. We didn't really want to put too many big decorations. Here is when you can see it here at a very cute little, scorpion, I hope, in any case that you will like the server by the way I, don't know, it's me your opinion in the. Comments in relation to the infrastructure, frankly, look at me, I find it magnificent with the luminous blocks above there are no luminous blocks and blocks of gold beats like what you see the blogs of gold, which make a little luminous reflections lamps of flashlights strange.

When you tell me you understood. So here you go friends, I hope, you liked this video I made a presentation, really in broad outline to say here is presented in general, what will have on the server? So the cases do not hesitate. To come here, we are play.

E, PVP, be nebulous and don't hesitate also to subscribe to China, little like it's, always a pleasure. And it motivates to make more and more videos. You know, the song I'm, not going to hold you back any longer I, tell you to soon for new adventures kisses.

Dated : 18-Apr-2022

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