Osrs Magic Money Making Method 2020

Just heads up the audio was recorded with my headset instead of my natural microphone. So I am, sorry for this what's going on guys. My name is prayed for mercy for those of you who don't know, me I make money making methods three times a week with skin flute to the left of me.

And this money making method does require 77 magic. And at least a lunar diplomacy completed. Now we are going to go ahead and make molten glass for a one solid hour or super glass make that is, and I'm going to try my best. This is actually my first time now I would recommend a smoke battle staff if you can because it does require fire and air ruins in order to do this or also happily fire + and air staff to do this. Now, the tome of fire book does have given you infinite fire runes if you're wearing the Tom fire. And also obviously having a staff up here gives you unlimited airs as well. Now, that's the cheaper method because this is actually worth about as of this video is currently worth two million.

Two hundred.Seventy-nine thousand two hundred, twenty-eight GP as of this video guys. Now, with that being said, I know a little, of course, I know a little diplomacy is a bit of a hurdle, but it is worth it in the long run. Now with that being said, guys, it does take to astral ruins to do the superheat. And I want to show you in the bank that I don't have any molten glass. So it's, obviously, I'm, not faking this. If you guys art and disbelief, but with that being said, guys, I'm going to go ahead and start I do have a. Stopwatch guys for once saw an hour now, there's a trick to do this we're going to have to take out 18 buckets of sand.

And also, since we have giant sea, leave just a giant soup we're going to take out three giant seaweeds. Now that should give us the full inventory I'm going to go ahead and give you guys, an example, right now, get 78 magic and 118 crafting XP. And it fills up your inventory in one shot. There is two on the floor, be very mindful, but it does drop to and the floor because their inventory space. Is full and pick that up because you're going to want to do that I mean who wouldn't want to pick that up.

So for comparison guys, we got 29 bolting classes. Now, I'm gonna going to go ahead and pull 18 sand buckets of sand. And also for these guys to show you guys, the results as Goods can see the raw ingredients. Here are three giant seaweeds and 18-inch buckets of sand, which gives us two thousand, four hundred and thirty GPS of this video. And after making it into molten glass, it is 4292 GP as of this.

Video as well with that being said, each cast gives us 1862 GP as of this video in profit forgot to add the actors guys. So in total guys, we actually make a profit of 1488 GP in profit. As of this video per cast, which is pretty awesome, and I'm, pretty happy with that. Now, with that being said, me explaining it to you guys I'm going to go ahead and start this video in three two one, skip loop, let's get it. And again, guys in the video I like to say, I'm. So, sorry, the quality is pretty terrible I'm.

My. Opinion, and you could also hear the clicking to the mouse, and I'm, just like watching this hog editing this I'm like, oh, my god. This should not happen again. So one hour has passed guys was gone ahead and stop this sound because annoying.

So after one start our guys, we managed to make seven thousand four hundred thirty, four thousand malting class. Now if you're wondering what I have in my inventory, this is actually the amount of ingredients that I used in one solid hour. Now, bear in mind I, don't use all.

The ingredients I have my bank because I only have a one-hour time limit and I had enough spares to show you guys how much I use in one solid hour. So one solid hour, I use 4632 buckets, I, used 786, giant seaweeds and also 524 asteroids in that one solid hour, which the price of that is seven hundred thirty thousand, six hundred and sixteen, GP and raw ingredients used to make the theme molten glass. So after one solid hour, I will have to add this to you guys to note that when you make the molten glass. You get more than one it's, a hit or miss. Sometimes you get more than then you get you cast a super glass make, and it drops more on the floor. It drops less. You can make more or even bless.

But anyway, with that being said, always check under you because it should be molten glass at times or else. Someone else will pick it up I guarantee you that. So after one solid hour, we managed to make 1,100,000 232 GP after deducting, seven hundred and thirty thousand six hundred and sixteen from the raw. Ingredients to the new value of the molten glass, which leaves us a profit of three hundred, sixty-nine thousand six hundred and sixteen, GP in pour off it. That is actually pretty nice.

We also managed to get twenty thousand five hundred XP in magic. And also forty-seven thousand two hundred XP in crafting, which is pretty beautiful. If you ask me now, if it was up to me, I would actually keep these bad boys. But you know, for the sake of the video I will show you that it should sell and will let it sit. There and oil, waiting I didn't have to let it sit there, but we actually made 48 km profit.

Now, hopefully you guys like this video like comment and subscribe, if you guys are new to my channel feel free to check out the playlist in the description down below it. And also we have a discord channel. If you guys want to go ahead and check it out and join us. I also, post daily things there with me and skinflint. We also make sure that everything is okay, and it's a bully-free zone, guys as always pray for.

Mercy is out skinflint.

Dated : 18-Apr-2022

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