My Top 10 Grunge Bands

That's worth a look how's. It's going chaotic cryptid. The chupacabra has returned from the dead once again, and it's time for a grunge thing that none of you asked for or probably want, so I'm, starting, uh, I'm, not going in a different direction. I'm, adding something to the channel everything's staying the same, but I'm, adding more stuff. And I noticed like people seem to really like my video where I talked about punk bands for beginners, so I'm, starting a new series where I specifically delve into bands. Different offshoots of punk different specific movements, uh and specific bands.

So like sometimes it'll be lists, sometimes it'll be specific movements. But what I really want to do is give exposure to more underground bands that don't have a lot of you know, exposure and could use some more so here's. What I want you to do if any of you have your own band, and you've released stuff, or if any of you know someone who has their own band. And you think you know, this is something that I might dig send it. My way my Instagram is going to be down in the description, don't be shy. Dm, me all you want.

I love talking to you guys. And also I love getting new like recommendations about music. So go nuts. If you know a band, if you're in a band, tell me and I will check them out, and I will do I'm going to do individual videos dedicated to each band. I got in touch with this dude who subscribes to the channel who's in a band called the aids, grenades, and I'm going to do a video talking about them. I just want to. Make sure that I've checked them out sorry, this is on my window I'm, just going to make sure that I have checked out his band like well enough.

And then I know the stuff. And then I know what to say about it, so it's cold, let me grab a final there. We go that's better, uh. So I'm going to be doing a video on his band, specifically and any band I'm going to be doing a video on a band, that's more local to where I live to.

I know that I'm friends with them, they're, really cool. People cool music. And if any of you. Have, you know a band that you want me to do a video on shoot me a dm, uh, and I will do it. Uh to sort of start us off I'm going to be talking about grunge is like for those of you who don't know. And I hope you know, it's like and it's, a music genre that was sort of born from the punk movement in the 90s, and basically it's just based on like fuzzy sounding guitar and dressing like trash, it's its like its bands like nirvana, sound garden, l7 babes in toy land that kind of stuff, you know. And so I.

Thought I would do a video of my top 10 grunge bands as you know, just a way to kick-start the series and a way to, you know, maybe get some of you into these grunge bands. If you haven't heard about them so let's get started. So number 10 on the list is garbage, uh, pretty sure the vocalist name is Shirley. Manson, love, her voice, she's.

Fantastic. I love their work. They're, um.

I believe he plays guitar. Butch, via, he's in garbage. He was actually the dude who recorded, uh, nirvana their demos.

I believe, and I. Think some tracks from the never mind album, which is a great like grunge band. They have a little of techno influence to some of their songs, uh, they're, the band that did only happy when it rains there's, just an overall great band, great way to start the list. Number nine is Alison, uh, great. I just , love, this band they're, one of them. They were one of my gateway bands into like the real like deeper areas of grunge.

I listened to nirvana, and I got into Alice in chains. Great stuff great, acoustic stuff. Great unplugged album. They didn't.

They didn't unplug. The album just like nirvana, um, I really dig both their earlier stuff and their later stuff because you know, lane, he passed away. Sadly, uh, god, rest lengths daily soul.

He was fantastic. Uh, overall. Great band. Check them out. Number eight is nirvana. And I know, it's kind of a faux pas.

I have nirvana on your list of favorite grunge bands. What can I say it's true? I really dig nirvana. I started listening to them when I.

Was god, I was like 12., um, I had this guitar hero. Video games, really fun games by the way, and they got me into a lot of bands. One of those bands was nirvana, uh, it was guitar hero 5, and it had lithium and smells like team, spare it was the live version of lithium from live at reading.

And it smells like teen spirit and just great stuff. Kurt Cobain was an amazing person. He was very kind.

He was an idealist. Furthermore, he was a feminist. Furthermore, he was he was against racism. Furthermore, he was all these awesome things. Furthermore, he had all. These awesome opinions, and like he was a great musician, and he was gone way, too soon, and it's just tragic that he's no longer with us. Uh.

And so yeah, number eight is nirvana. Number seven is the band that I believe actually signed nirvana and influenced nirvana is sonic youth. Uh, one of the like one of the bands that sort of innovated, the whole crunch sound thing they were around for. You know, a while in the early movement and disclaimer if I'm wrong about any of this please correct me. I was wrong. About something that I said about the runaways in my last video and someone thankfully corrected me, and I pinned that comment at the top of the video. So if I say anything wrong, correct me, I will pin your comment.

Anyway, sonic youth. Great sound. I love their guitar tone so much. I think my favorite song is 100 and just overall great bands. Furthermore, I love their stuff.

Next. We've got mud, honey, mud, honey. I think is labeled as the first grunge band, they're signed to subpop, which is the label that nirvana was. Signed to and their single touch me, I'm sick. I believe is what like considered like this like the first single that started the whole movement.

And it sort of went on from there. Next we got splendor for a very special reason. I got into this band because they are the band that wrote the uh like the sorry, the intro song, the theme song to the TV, show Daria, which is a MTV cartoon. I talked about it in the live stream, it's fantastic. If you don't know, Daria check it out, and that that got me into. Splendor, they've only got one album out, I believe, but it's, a's great stuff.

They recorded songs for the two Dario movies. And obviously for the theme song, and they're, just an overall great grunge band. I love their sound it's, honestly, awesome, all right so getting into the top four number four is sound garden. Another vocalist, Chris Cornell who was gone way, too soon. And I felt that because Chris Cornell was one of the vocalists that inspired me to sing like this, dude, his voice, his like is so. Powerful and it inspires me to be a singer and I love listening to his stuff, both in sound garden and audio slave, and it's just it's just fantastic stuff.

Uh, my favorite album is super unknown, which, you know, it's, it's the typical choice, but I like it, I really dig fell on black days. I love singing that song in the car, and it's, just a great band. Number three is babes in toy land. This is a band that I the most recent grunge band that I got into, but they're just incredible.

I love babes and toy lane. I. Love their sound, I love them like rocking, the whole kinder , look. If you don't know what kinder horror is it's, basically, grunge clothes, mixed with doll clothes, pretty much, uh. It was worn by a lot of girls in the grunge scene. And in the girl scene in the 90s, and I just think it's an awesome aesthetic. I love it.

I love like the music associated with it. It's cool. I know I do the hands' thing. So you keep seeing my notes number two is verruca salt, and I'm, probably gonna I'm going to mention this.

I. Think in a future video because I'm doing a video on my patches, uh, , awesome, grunge band. My favorite song by them is straight, which is from their album, eight arms to hold you.

I got two other albums. I found them at the record shop. Furthermore, I got into this band, almost by accident. Furthermore, I would see like their songs on Pandora, but I never really paid attention. And I found that two of their albums at my local record shop, listened to them both. And I just was enamored with this band.

I love the vocalists voice. I. Love their guitar, tones it's, fantastic last, but certainly not least, in fact, this is my number one, favorite, grunge, band of all time is l7.

Not only are they an awesome grunge band. They got some great , songs, uh, Mr, integrity, pretend that we're dead, uh, great, albums smell the magic. Uh, bricks are heavy. Uh, this band.

They were involved with the riot. Girl movement, uh, you know there were well. I don't. I don't want to say like I'm, pretty sure they were involved.

And they played on the. Same stage as a lot of wright girl bands, uh. But I think they were around before the movement actually started, but they had feminist ideals, and they were just an all-around, awesome band, they're still around. They've got, I think they've gotten back together since then, uh. And just I would love to see l7. Someday, it's, one of my dreams.

I love. This band it's, all I can say, uh, l7 hope you like that short little list, uh, that was just my ode to, you know, some , awesome, grunge bands that me. Just can't get enough of, and so I guess I'm, uh, playing us out.

Dated : 18-Apr-2022

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