How To Set The Hook With Chatterbaits

I'm a die-hard crank bait, fisherman I, love it. But the issue I've run across is, you know, they don't bite crank baits, very well in Clearwater. So whenever the water was dirty, I'd catch them on the crank bait, but the water cleared up I, went right back to sucking again.

So I've found that this little Chatterbot is just like a Clearwater crank bait I can do the same type of stuff and more. But you can also skip it. I mean, you can skip it like a jig, pretty much under that dock and I can just blow down.

The bank and you know, kind of getting that search-and-destroy moment, you know, when you're fishing this Chatterbot through grass, you people are ripping it ripping it. And then they feel like they have a, you know, a grass stock might feel like a fish. And when that happens, they jerk, but it's actually a piece of grass. And then that jerk what you just did rips it free of the grass. And then once you rip it free a lot of times that's when the bass bites it. And when that bass bites it, you just. Jerked out of the grass.

So now your rod tips up here, and you get bit, and you're caught with your pants down. You got nowhere to go, and you got a real down real quick and try to eat up a bunch of line. Something that is kind of simplified it for me as when I'm reeling it through this grass and I feel something load up on it like right now, that's grass, but I, just keep reeling when you keep reeling its, going to come through that grass, or what will happen is what you think might be grass as a bass and. Your rod will load up just kind of like a swim bait. So just give it a little of tip and then swing into it like that. When you get jerky with things, you can get caught out of position, really, really quick.

And this hooks. So dad gum sharp, I, really don't. Think you have to, you know, lay the wood to it like that when you set the hook, I mean, just a sweeping hook set kind of like a swim bait, maybe a little like a Carolina rig or a hard head, or something like that, all right. So watch how?

Well this comes. Through this grass now, this is some pretty thick, Bank grass. It just comes right through I'm, not having to jerk I'm, not having to do anything crazy with my rod it's, honestly, just like fishing, the crank bait that's. Why I love it so much.

Dated : 18-Apr-2022

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