Hearthstone - Tavern Brawl #70: Not So Deadly Poison

Just not going enough face is that possible, and he could have gotten stalled out on the poison itself. He could have thought, maybe as a good idea to just start right on wed mouth, Union. She probably is I must protect the water I can't. Do it you all he'll turn to I back can't play. My weapon until turn to do is Tim's. All I mean force enemy.

I don't want either one of those frankly, I'd like all deadly poisons. Please. Thank you. That's. Four, five, six. So we're going to play weapon first off here get this. Lucky going then do anything I'm going to do it I'm going to hit here we go armor up.

Unfortunately, not the best price I just to play games. Why do you chant Ravens, crap, crap, that's, uh, not really what I wanted here? We go crap.

You can just freaking armor up game. Can't take much more of this. Here we go. This will be life or death.

One, two, three, four, five, six, that'll, be seven, I'm, not even a guilty. Okay. Here we go. Yeah, he's going to kill me. It just takes too long to get out.

Oh, good to know if I get the rest of. It's, not going to be enough 7, 221 turned around and friendly. Many deer hit I don't have one. So what if I just, yeah, we well I could have done that a previous round by playing it earlier let's, try that again, we'll try another one see if we can't make that word. Now we got two shots, can't mess, it up still think it's a loser. But we're going to try it one more time.

Valuer vs, Jain, you asked for it. Watch your back. Ok, see with the warrior. You can also get started on turn 1, which is nice, you know, because you.

Can just throw your guy out. You've got your first weapon, boom, you're doing damage, one damage or when you're fast asleep I wasn't. You want to cast a spell by give your weapon plus-one attack. Well that would be I'd, be pretty cool I'd like that gonna need a weapon come on. You want to cast a spell on my thing luck.

Casting spells. You want to cast a spell to justice, nettle. Okay, I say, we're going to go like this give your weapon plus-one attack. So we're at four right now. Correct let's reveal our. Hand all right?

Well, I guess it all becomes a lectern. You got hopefully two turns to survive. Three need three turns you want to justice pacify, the justice nettle wanted dead or alive, that what's that snake trap.

Excellent it's, pretty good hope. I, pull one more deadly poison. Please your lovely to pull this off love, ya say, oh, you hate me.

Choose a friendly meeting at a one will copy of that to your hand. I don't have friendly, minions don't. You understand I said, we play a secret play one more of.

These that's, why do you hate me? The hostage I could play that? Yeah, well, I survive. This I got a try I've. Gotta do it. Here we go who among you shall try to hurt me in my snake trap, it's. One of my minions don't worry, I, don't have minions.

Why didn't I have minions snake trap should be for attacking me that was almost a win? But it was a defeat that does not seem to be working out for me that deadly poison trick. There seems to not be happy. I'm going to give it one more go, and then we're, checking. Out some other classes, Valeria vs, Jain, you asked for it. Watch your back, no really don't want any class cards.

None at all excuse me, you are on fire useless. What if we just try to get in I don't have enough matter you do try to get it 6 here we go. Then we do the big build that could allow us to take out any problematic, people or go over the 66 and reload. Here we go or not hmm. You could do another six.

We could do five ten. We could do two more. And then before seven do all of them, not really all I'm. Going to do four six eight, ten that's, 13, I, could oh man, why don't have enough MANA I, don't know what you haven't done this turn I don't have enough I needed one more MANA.

Two turns to live as far as I'm concerned let's class card, screw us. Again, I must safeguard that light. Buddy, you're 5 damage to an undamaged character that sounds good to me.

I say, we do that here we go. I'm going to die next round. What you're going to do about it? Oh, shiny penny, Casanova and death. Yay, we finally won one.

Yeah. Nice the rogue finally gets a victory.

Dated : 18-Apr-2022

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