Dahvie Vanity?

Hi I'm, Carrie, Louise. Some of you may know me some of you may not and I'm here to talk about Davie, vanity, obviously, there's a lot of controversy on the subject. But for those of you who do know, me know that I am very good friends of Derby I've done two of their UK tours and I told Europe with them. So I'd say, you know, I've got a pretty good idea 1 diabetes. So first is, I was looking for your Facebook yesterday. And I came across a page that kind of bothered me.

It was called jail. Davie. Vanity, which obviously me being his friend I was like I'm gonna look for this and see what they have to say first something that caught my attention was they are talking about plagiarism.

Ok, songs had similarities. I, get it. You know, obviously you can find songs alive. I mean, Green Day got told off for using the same chord progression. But you know, you can't, not all music will always be different.

Look. How many songs have been out in the world? It's always going to be similarities between. Some songs, but it seemed like they were literally just trying to target blood on the dance floor in any way they could.

And it was saying like Time, Machine sounded a hell of a lot like wait. We have this timber ends by Green Day, and I am a , massive fan of both. But I also tell you that I have a Green Day tattoo on my hip come on. They sound nothing like it's, , . What bothered me on this page is that those had links to the know, the truth about dog, Yang Tumblr, which I've been. Through and to be honest, I found it quite laughable.

Because obviously there is the whole rape thing and people have put print screen of a document from the police with also obviously Darby's details on it and stuff. But what people don't see that it's not a charge? He was never charged. He was arrested. They found absolutely no evidence, and he was set free simple.

How many people have been arrested under false accusations tons, but there's, nothing against him going in the net and see if you can find. Me a mug shot of daddy to prove that he's ever been charged do anything you cannot find one. You cannot find one and obviously there's a huge blog about many many things. Obviously one was talking about underage people being with Java, and I'll be sleeping underage people. Now I have been on tour of them twice once we're on the UK once through UK in Europe, and anyone who was ever hang out with us, even just to just come back today and just have a chat and hang out has been ID'd.

Everyone. Gets I did everyone? No one underage is allowed to hang out, obviously he will do signings and come outside and talk to people who are underage. But no one that hangs out of us is underage, they're, not not all. So that was just laughable. Um I'll, see as other things. People are saying that he's a bully.

Okay. All I can say is that online? Yes, Davis said, a few things, but put it this way. If you look at what people say to Harvey for them him to reply it's, a million times worth the, he gets comments. Every day.

People tweeting him on Facebook everywhere. Slating him off are you telling me that someone doesn't have the right to defend themselves? Because if someone said, to me, online I, go back fact, Harvey ignores so much of it I don't know how he does it because I'd be on that 24-7 telling these people. And I can also about to that Gaddafi isn't a belief because I spent a lot of time with him. He has never been anything, but lovely to me ever I mean, there's been times on tour when we've. All been so stressed, and I've just started crying, I've, been , pissed off and upset, and he's, literally, just hugged me.

I was like don't worry about it. It's. All going to be okay, you know, he's, one of the nicest people I've met. He was hidden he's. Never believe me never done anything to hurt me. Anything to upset me, he's done nothing, but support me and be my friend throughout so how people can say he's, a bully without even knowing him is quite , hilarious, absolutely hilarious.

And then they were. Also posting stuff up about the blog to do with a chic es toy now, I'm not going to say that I know everything about this story because I wasn't, there I, don't know, Ashley Costello, so I, can't say anything about it. But all I can say is from my experiences, and they were saying stuff like, oh, he shot ass Costello with the water gun. You know, he drew on her face with a sharpie pen. Now, I know, Harvey. Okay, Darby is a playful person died be like some mess around and have a laugh who doesn't, and I'm me and.

Dovie have done stupid stuff like that before, I mean, we've had fights with poster tubes. Smacking. Each other were post tubes. We've thrown tons of polystyrene each other.

You know, it still it's all in good fun. Dolly would never do anything like that to intentionally hurt someone I mean, I get it. If you hurt her by accident, you know, whoops, sorry, you know, you've never done it on purpose. Never Bobby has never hurt me. Never so really I feel like all of this is just internet garbage that people are.

Saying because one person says, it's, the next person says, it's, the next person says, it's, just part of the , rumor mill, and it's stupid. But what I hate is when people personally say to me, why you hang around with Darby he's, a bully he's, a pedophile, how would you know that, and I not know that how have you got more knowledge on this than me? I think, it's absolutely stupid, and I hate people that have a go at me about it. When clearly I know more and every time I tried to stick up him know, I. Don't do I don't, join conversations often just to bash people I don't. Do it I tend to just ignore it and kind of be like they're going to say what they want to get on with it. But when I do comment because something has really bothered me, I am a butt hurt fangirl.

I fail to see how about her fangirl when all I'm doing is standing up for my friend. And I don't know, many people that wouldn't stand out for their friends, especially when their friend as good as Darby and a guy nice as Darby. I mean, I was just a.

Normal girl in a council, flat like I, am now working for minimum wage and I always wanted to sing. It was my dream. And he met me. He heard me sing.

And he did everything for me. He took me on tour. He had me singing on stage.

You know, he's literally changed my life for the better I, don't know how anyone could criticize him I really don't know. So if you read things on the internet from people that have never met Davie, slugging him off saying, he's a beautiful when they've got no evidence or. Absolutely no evidence. And then someone who generally knows him in fact, loads of people that know him have part statements, defending him loads of people. You know, so it's a bit silly to believe I mean, look at the Holy in Watkins case, no one had an idea like there's, a small group of people that had a little idea.

But on the big scale, no one knew, and he got caught, and I was in prison for 35 years. But Darby who has had all these rumors about him constantly. He would have been searched up by now from. All that rumors and is he in prison. No has he been arrested, no, he has been charged or anything that if he'd done anything wrong, and he had been charged with a crime, relating to underage sex, or even just any old sex offense.

He would not be allowed to do all age shows which he does. He would not be allowed to tour other countries, such as the UK France and Germany where he's been. So you can believe what people say, or you can believe the facts that are in your face it's up to you, but I just had to get my. Word out there because I'm absolutely sick of seeing it. And any family tries his defending gets absolutely sucked off to their face and I think that's disgusting.

So I'd get my say in there as a friend of his someone who knows him and someone who can stick up for him in a way that people may actually listen to, so people listen to this and maybe changed your opinions that's. Great. If you haven't changed your opinions, that's, fine believe, what you want just don't like people off for not believing.

The rumors because they're the people who are naive. Thank you.

Dated : 18-Apr-2022

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