Bo Nickal On Gordon Ryan: "I Only Trained Bjj Twice & Almost Beat Him, With 6 Months I'll Beat Him!"

And how was it? Uh, grappling Gordon Ryan in December that whole experience? Uh, you know, looking back that was fun. I mean, I kind of look back on it.

And I'm just like a little pissed because I'm like man, I practiced this jiujitsu two times. And I went 13 minutes with the number one pound for pound guy. And like I just like I really wanted to win that, you know, not, not only for me, but just for the wrestling community because there's a lot of beef like a lot of people saying, you know, Jim.

Jitsu vs wrestling this and that. And at the end of the day like at the end of the day, truly both sports are great. Both sports are amazing.

I have so much respect for both of them, because I just think they're, they're, really awesome and uh. But the way I look at it is like wrestling is basically 80 of jiu-jitsu is about 10 of wrestling. So like the fact is like with where I'm at as a wrestler, I go in and go 13 minutes with the number one pound-for-pound guy. I think that says a lot.

About, I think that does everything about the sports, but at the end of the day it, just it sucks to lose no matter what so like I just think, uh, I want to get some more jiujitsu training in and definitely like get a rematch just because, um, I just hate losing like I'm, just a competitor. And so uh, you know, he's, obviously very good. But I think that like if you know, I got, I got about probably six months of uh of solid jiujitsu rounds. You just do training with good guys, high level guys that it would. Definitely be a lot different story.

You know, it with the same rule set that we had, and then eventually move into like, you know, full rule set with guard pulling the leg locks. But you know that that's just not really super practical for me. So I feel like the rule set that we had, you know, made sense. But yeah, I would certainly like to run it back with him. I had a lot of fun. But yeah, I can't really look at it with like too much positivity because I did lose. So I get the competitiveness.

I can feel it. Over this interview that, uh, you're a competitive guy. You don't want to lose at anything right? I get a little.

I get a little upset just even thinking about it, because like it just like, I mean, at the end of the day he beat me in his sport. So like that doesn't really mean that much. But I just freaking wanted to beat him just to like because I'm like so die hard for the wrestling community like my grandpa wrestled in college. My dad was a wrestling coach. I started.

I was in the practice room, you know, Within a week of being born, and so like it's, just like in my blood, and like I just want to like show out for the wrestlers and like that's, how like, so I just kind of get like a little I'm like a little tight like thinking about like that just that, you know, at the end of the day like I did learn a lot from it. And it was a fun experience, but I would love to run it back. I imagine no grappling until after the Olympics, right? No, not really.

I mean up here, there's, not in state college. I don't really. Have there's, not really like a big opportunity to there's some good gyms out in Pittsburgh. I work with, uh, Isaac Greeley at Matt factory, he's, he's, a perfect, uh. He wrestled, and he's a perfect jiujitsu coach.

So, um, I have some time when I go out to Pittsburgh to work with him, but for them, I'm wrestling, I'm wrestling, 99 of the time. And like you know, the only time I do jiujitsu really is like on a traveling trip. But I mean, I'm, not I'm, not really practicing jiujitsu at all talk us. Through the arm bar, when did you know, it was there? Did you think you were going to get it talk through the finish? Yeah, so I went for like that little schemata takedown with that overlook.

And I realized like I wasn't going to get the takedown, and she knew I wanted to take her down. So I figured might as well kind of throw like a little of a Hail Mary arm bar. So I just decided right then to step over, um. And then for a second she kind of came up and like, so I switched to that triangle. But. Ultimately it was like that arm bar that got the tap.

So all right. So you made your debut, uh, yeah, coming in here. And I think a lot of times there could be a lot of nerves, but you're getting into an empty arena, did that help things. And what was it like fighting in that environment? I feel like it's a little more awkward, honestly, like I'm used to liking, you know, some kind of noise like I heard like a biz being a couple of times like I heard john and a couple of times. And like you can really hear both.

Corners like really loud and vividly too. So I mean to me, like I said once again, the cage it doesn't really make that big of a difference. Um, you know, no crowd like it. It doesn't bother me.

It was a little weird like walking out, because like, you know, there's, no one like cheering or anything, but like I mean, it's still the experience I'm looking for, and it's the debut I wanted, so it's. Awesome was there even a training camp for this were you training? Um.

So our jiujitsu, gym just reopened, um, With like reservation on the classes. So we were doing like small style classes. But like I for sure didn't have a camp for this. You know, like I was only really doing jujitsu and like even during quarantine.

There were a few weeks where like I would roll a couple of times, but things were crazy. You know, so like, um, things were kind of up in the air. So like I was eating really well. And I was like doing like those at home workouts. You know, you see like scrolling through Instagram, but like I didn't for.

Sure didn't have a fight camp so like I'm excited to like, you know, for my next fight to hopefully get like a fight camp in, but like I'm also like my whole career, I've kind of like taken these short, notice fights, you know, like six days, nine days like that's, kind of what I make my name off of at least what I used to make my name off was with invite like I'm, always ready when to get the call, so it's, not my first time, not having like a full fight camp. But I was training like jiujitsu, at least when. You look back at the fight, you've had some time to digest it now, what's your immediate reaction to how you performed and how you came through the fight. Well, um, uh, me, Greg Jackson mike wiggle john. And all my training partners at Jackson wink in Albuquerque, pretty much had a three-week. Crash course we crammed for a test.

It was very last minute for me to go out there due to changes in my personal life, um and changes in my training. And um, we got the job done. And we just didn't get the job done. You. Know, I made UFC history, um for the second time and uh, you know, it's always sweet to get a submission. You know, uh, everybody thinks I'm a striker, which I can strike when I was in glory.

But that was a little premature like, you know, going to glory. I just happened to happen to do it, um. But grappling has been consistent for me. Jiujitsu, not wrestling.

Jiujitsu walk us through the finish. Because I think a lot of people were confused exactly what you got him with. It seems like what the arm triangle from. The bottom do you think a lot of that had to do with his fatigue or were you in tighter than it watched on TV? Um, he threw a bunch of elbows.

He may have fatigued a little. He was resting. Well, during that wrestling moment, you know, I was able to pop that arm, which was on my neck, because he was putting a lot of pressure on my neck. He was actually trying to uh trying to submit me with the pressure on my neck. But I was able to pop that arm over. And he got it back. Once I believe, I mean, it's, a.

Little foggy, um, but it was very slippery. But once I was able to get that over and lock it in actually I was going to look to possibly try to transition to his back, um, because usually once you get that arm across this body, you know, I can transition to the back that way I had. I was in half guard.

I could have got my other hook in I would have had the hook on the bottom had a transition to the left. Furthermore, I believe because the cage was on my right, um, but I squeezed and uh to my surprise. He tapped you.

Know, I think that has to do with just a tight squeeze and fatigue, you know, maybe if he had more air at that time, he could have lasted a little longer, um. And he fought it quite a bit. Uh, he's. I know a lot of people said, John vol ante was fat, uh, he looked out of shape. Why do you have to push off his knee to get up there that man belongs in this heavyweight division that's where he should have been the whole time? Um, let that man come back in shape, he's going to be hell on wheels to deal with, uh and. Uh, I take my hat off to him.

My legs hurt my face hurts. My shin hurts, um. But I got it done tonight. You know, my back goes against the wall I'm on two fights skid, um.

And I could have lost my job tonight could have lost my job. And when you're the bread winner and you, and you got to feed your family, uh, and you're thinking about making it, maybe the biggest move of your life to uh, really chase this dream and see if we can't make a title, run I'll, be 34 next Sunday. So you do the math on how much. Time I have, so you know, it always feels good to be here, hopefully I'm praying, Sean Shelby, mick, Maynard, Dana, white make you my guy, appreciate the fight, uh, hopefully I win that bonus tonight, you know for making history again, second time.

So that'll really help me. And my family.

Dated : 21-Mar-2022

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