7 Best Roblox Horror Games To Play With Friends (Roblox Horror Games Multiplayer)

Hey there another week, another video today, we'll be putting up against each other, the top seven best, Roblox, horror, multiplayer games, hi, this is Roblox Olympics. And the game is on. But before we head straight into the video, I would need you to answer this question, what's, the first horror movie to be ever shown on screen.

The answer is hidden somewhere in this video. The correct answer will have a shout-out from us. Of course, on the next video.

Alright, let's get started. Dark corners. Dark corners is one. Of the horror multiplayer games in this list, albeit different dark corners, offers a scary experience collecting shards and following certain objectives. Not only is that the game scary, but it's pretty challenging not the type of difficulty. You really want in a game. The main point of the game is to scare you as much as it can and make you braver as you surpass all the chapters, whilst collecting shards, each player has three abilities dash here and vision.

They are set on cooldown. So you can't. Really abuse it.

There are monsters each chapter, and they won't stop at nothing to beat you. If you lost all three of your lives, you're going to fail as for the modes, there's single player experience and there's multiplayer mod, the music fits so well might as well die. The true back rooms, the true back rooms, immerses you in an unfamiliar environment to which you've woken up to your goal, is simple find an exit and get the heck out of there. And if you think you're a smarty-pants and trying to escape. You're dead wrong.

This is a mix between escape games and survival. Horror, backrooms originates from a forum called 4chan's paranormal. Board, x, a user posted a random photo of a room that appears to be abandoned. Yellowed walls flickering, lights and various entrances and exits around if it's a pretty fun game. But not as fun as for those who are easily afraid of the dark and can be triggered easily by jump.

Scares. Good luck. Smile. Smile is a free roll, multiplayer, horror game. Not only this game is scary. As heck, it's also, pretty disturbing don't play this game if you're really afraid of the flashing, sounds unusual, graphic images and overall terrifying and disturbing experiences. This game offers 5 different stages that you may explore going with groups is scary though so being alone, isn't, highly suggested, scary maze, beta scary maze.

Beta is one of the masterpieces of the famous creator of the single player. Horror game roses, an amazing horror exploration game. This isn't your typical, scary maze.

Experience this one will literally give you nightmares. Well, maybe not literally. But still this game is very detailed, and your rig might not be able to run it overall.

This game is one of the chilliest experiences I've ever had with the game don't, ask if I'm scared I'm, not really scared or anything. Those beneath us trigger warning. This game contains flashing, lights, loud noises and jump scares a chapter based horror, multiplayer game. Those beneath us offers a thrilling horror experience where the. Goal is basically doing objective to survive and win the game. If you think that's, easy, you're, dead wrong. Get it.

There are tons of items and tools in the game that'll be vital in your game. The game involves a traitor, Mr, trader who's, the main antagonist of the game, your life ends when he spots you it's better experienced with the sound on cult of the cryptids' cult of the cryptids is a story based game, but it's, not just any story, it's, a horror adventure game similar to our previous games like. Airplane and camping this game is currently a work in progress, but with many more updates yet to come such as cryptids weapons and possibly map revamps.

And of course, the game will be epic. And just to give you a little of insight, cryptids are basically animals whose existences are unsubstantiated. There are a set of bizarre creatures like a cartoon cat, siren, head, etc. This game features, various endings and is a big part of it.

Of course, there are items, which are essential to your survival. There are also objectives that you need to do in order for you to play the best possible way to win the game also offers various types of weapons, but they're just mostly guns. And for the enemies, of course, there are the cryptids are hostile to anyone. These bizarre creatures were made by Trevor Henderson, a Canadian horror artist and illustrator as I've mentioned before they have the siren head here. Cartoon cat bridge worm, long horse moth man, country, roads and many more there's, also a god. Of roadkill rake, the wendigo la, corona, big, charlie. And the cult leader this game is very beautifully and incredibly well detailed.

A true definition of a horror game body is the last game on this list. It's, basically, an exploration horror game that can fit up to four people at a time you're going to be spawning inside an abandoned hospital, which is rumored to have been housing a dead body inside the objective is to, of course, look for the body. The map involves going through doors after doors.

Section by section, some doors will look like it's locked for some reason, but there are ways to open them. Hence, the exploration part this game is also pretty scary and chilly atmosphere. Not the best game to play at 3am. Alright, that's it for now. I hope you guys enjoy these games. Oh, and don't, forget to tick, the notification bell once you're subscribed here in the channel hit like and comment, if you enjoy our content until next time, Roblox Olympics out you.

Dated : 18-Apr-2022

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